Breast cancer FAQs

Am I able to work out and be physical to the same extent as before treatment?

If you’re undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation, probably not. You will be extremely exhausted and weaker than “normal”. Things like standard walking, going up and down stairs, hiking, weight lifting, etc. will be much more difficult – if not impossible – while undergoing treatment. Your body is suffering through medications and treatment, and exerting extra energy that you don’t have will take a toll on your body.

Is it normal to feel exhausted and want to sleep more than normal?

Absolutely. Your immune system is compromised, your body is working overtime, and chemo wrecks any semblance of normalcy you’re used to. Sleep when you’re tired. Take naps. If working from home, move from your desk to the couch or bed to relax a bit while you work. Take it easy while still maintaining your day-to-day.

When cold capping, how often should I wash my hair?

Once per week at most. The more often you wash, the more hair you’ll lose.