Here are a few resources to help with mentorship and having a place to share thoughts about your cancer diagnosis and treatment plan. I am not personally promoting any of these resources, but I do use a few myself. Please submit new resource suggestions on the Contact page. Updates will be made periodically.

Support group resources

Need a shoulder to lean on? Someone who’s been there before? Maybe a group with other people whose loved ones are enduring treatment? Here are a few options.

1:1 mentorship support

Imerman Angels

Group setting support

Young Survival Coalition

Koa Life

Breast Cancer Straight Talk – Facebook group

Cooling cap support

DigniCap cooling cap support – Facebook group

Retreats and getaways

Cancer is taxing. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could send those fighting on a little getaway?

Camp Good Days

Food sharing resources

It’s hard to be motivated to cook. Sometimes, it’s even hard to eat while undergoing treatment. These food sharing resources can help.

Meal Train

Meal Train is a support system that helps with providing food and/or gift cards for food to someone in need.

Financial resources